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Phnom Penh!

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We got a 5 hour bus the other day from Siem Reap to the capital Phnom Penh. We applied for our Vietnam visa as soon as we arrived, as it takes a couple of days. Its in transit at the moment hopefully and we should get it back tonight. We didn't really do much on the first day as we were both really tired. We got caught in a torrential downpour that evening though, so came back to the room slightly soaked around the edges! We caught up on sleep the next morning and went out in the afternoon to go and see the Royal Palace. P1060549.jpgP1060556.jpg Lets just say its not a scratch on Bangkok's Royal Palace! We paid 6 dollars each and spent 30 mins in the complex. You're not allowed to take photos inside the buildings and nothing was that impressive either! We left rather disgruntled and walked around the town for a bit.

Neither of us are very impressed with Cambodia, its very under developed and full of tiny little angry people who are just after your money. We are looking forward to leaving and we have only been here for 4 days!

We got up today and went to see the only other sights in Cambodia, the S-21 Prison and the Killing Fields where all the prisoners were ''buried''. For those that don't know, insane leader Pol Pot decided to cleanse his country by killing his own people - men,women and children. The S-21 prison is a converted school and was operational from 1974-79. P1060570.jpgP1060561.jpgP1060562.jpgP1060564.jpg In this time thousands of people were killed through obscene methods of torture. The prison has been left as it was found (the dead bodies have been removed), so its pretty harrowing to walk around all the converted classrooms. After this we got a rickshaw all the way out to the Killing Fields, where over 8000 human skulls have been dug up from the mass graves. P1060571.jpg Its pretty eerie to walk around, its basically a field with lots of craters in it. At the entrance to the Killing Fields is a Pagoda which houses the 8000 skulls, which have been piled high - pretty gross! P1060576.jpg

Anyway onwards and upwards, we head to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam early tomorrow, which we are both looking forward to! Hope you are all well!

Missing you lots,
Lots of Love
Chris and Alex xxx

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Siem Reap!!

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We got a flight from KL to Bangkok, where we spent a fast few hours getting some food and sleep, the second of which was minimal! After about 4 hours sleep we got up really early and got a bus to take us to the Cambodian border. It was rather a frustrating journey as we kept stopping every hour and then when we did get to the border they made us wait ages and separated us into groups. We both lost our rag a few to many times. Once we were over the border we got another bus which took us conveniently to the outskirts of the town, even though it was supposed to take us all the way. We ended up having to get a taxi the last bit to the hotel, where we pretty much collapsed for the night. The really annoying thing about Cambodia is that they only use American Dollars, even though its not their currency. Their own, the Riel, is rarely seen and is used to make up change of anything less than a dollar - which means your being short changed due to exchange rates!

We got up really early this morning to go to Angkor Wat, the famous temple complex nearby, which is the only thing Siem Reap has to offer! We hired a 'Moto-remourque' to take us around all the sights for the day, which cost $14 - not bad really! They're everywhere in Cambodia, very odd contraptions! It's basically a moped (which everybody drives here) with a horse-cart on the back...very amusing! P1060547.jpg We arrived at Angkor Wat for sunrise and it was amazing, smaller than we thought it would be, but very impressive. P1060424.jpgP1060436.jpgP1060443.jpgP1060457.jpgP1060467.jpgP1060481.jpg We completed the smaller circuit which is supposed to take all day and is 27km all the way around. P1060504.jpgP1060512.jpg We started at 5am and were back in the hotel room by 10am. We are both quite fast at sightseeing and did each of the temples justice, spending just over an hour at Angkor Wat alone. They were all amazing, some better preserved than others and the last one, Ta Prohm was equally famous as it had trees growing from within the ruins. This is the place that Tomb Raider was filmed by the way - for all the film buffs out there. P1060520.jpgP1060526.jpgP1060531.jpg

We are both tired at the moment, as we have had a few intense days with lots of walking and lots of early starts so we hope to catch up when we get to the capital Phnom Penh. We get a bus very early tomorrow morning to the capital and we are there for a few days as we have to get our Vietnamese visa sorted out!

We hope everyone is well, missing you all lots and lots

Lots of Love
Chris and Alex xxx

p.s. as the internet is so slow in Cambodia we are having difficulties uploading the photos, so Chris will try again when we get to Phnom Penh! sorry!

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